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Adam Newacheck

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Adam K. Newacheck

www.redsquarecinema.com anewacheck@gmail.com 818.207.2113

FCP Consultant for LA based Post House
Self Employee’d (2008-2010) • Using knowledge of post production, took Post-production houses in the SFV from old linear machines to new non-linear machines • Installed and maintained Decklink and AJA boards in Apple mac pro’s, along with HDSDI routers, streamlined productivity at the post house. • Helped the Post houses route HD client monitors and Display monitors to ensure quality assurance.
Technical Supervisor for Comedy Central’s Workaholics and OWN’s “The Swell Life” TV Shows.
Snackaholics and 50/50 Productions (2009) • Using production KNowledge set up purchase and Rental Lists for high level Television shows, Including Vericam 3700’s, Sony EX-3’s, and Canon 5Dmark II • Using both Post and Production knowledge set up a fool proof backup system, for SxS, P2, and CF cards ensuring that no media got lost. • Set up wireless systems for both productions using Cinewave HD systems, and Transvideo systems. Along with the re- spected HD down-convertors and routing systems.
Lead Managing Media Technician
CSU Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA (2005-2008) • Aid other students in the use of many formats of media including; Beta, DigiBeta, MiniDV, HDV, and DAT. • Upkeep all systems for editing purposes. Systems include: Final Cut Studio, AJA boards, Cine RT Boards, Medea drives, and other assorted hardware. • Troubleshoot the on-lining process from all medias involved with the Final Cut Pro stations. • Talk to prospective students for the department, and give tours of the production and post-production facilities.

CSU Monterey Bay – B.A. in Teledramatic Arts and Technology-- 2004 - 2008 Distinction in Major -- G.P.A: 3.42 - tat.csumb.edu Courses taken include: Introduction to Film - Intro to Television Production - Intro to Editing - Directing Visual Design - Scriptwriting - DVD Authoring - Motion Graphics

“Shopaholics” (2012) OWN - Casting Editor “Love in the Wild” Season 2 (2011) NBC - Casting Editor “Teen Wedding” (2011) VH1 - Casting Editor “The One / The Groom” (2011) NBC - Casting Editor “Remake America” (2011) Yahoo - Casting Editor “One of the Guys” (2011) OWN - Casting Editor “Tough Love Season 3” (2011) - Casting Editor “The Moto: Inside the Outdoors” (2011) FuelTV - Editor “BYOB” (2011) TVLAND - Casting Editor “Love in the Wild” (2011) NBC - Casting Editor “Crash The Coast” Documentary (2010) Monster Energy - Editor “Fight” Music Video (2010) - Copyleft Records / “The Stereophones” - Editor U Control with Seth Green (2010) MTV2 - Casting Editor Workaholics - Comedy Central (2010) - DIT/Digital Loader Workaholics Pilot Presentation - Comedy Central (2009) - Assistant Editor Fully Loaded (2010) Feature Film- Dir. Shiera Piven - Assistant Editor Estranged With Dr. Drew Pinsky - VH1 (2009) - Casting Editor She’s Got the Look 3 - TVLAND (2009) - Casting Editor Secret Millionaire Season 2 - ABC (2009) - Casting Editor Hot 2 Not - TVLAND Reality show (2009) - Casting Editor I Married a Stranger - FOX reality Pilot (2009) - Casting Editor More to Love - ABC reality Pilot (2009) - Casting Editor Preppy Hippies Pilot (2008) Sketch Camp Smile (2007): Apple Insomnia Contest

Director Of Photography - Stereophones Live Concert DVD (2011) Camera Operator (casting) - “Love in the Wild” (2011) NBC Director of Photography - The Moto: Inside the Outdoors (2011) FuelTV Camera Operator - Big Brother 13 (2011) CBS
DIT/Digital Loader - Workaholics (2010) Comedy Central DIT/Digital Loader - Key And Peele (2011) Comedy Central Camera Operator - Known Universe (2011) Sci Fi Channel Camera Operator - Inside the Moto -”The Outdoors” (2010) FuelTV Camera Operator - Headbangers Ball “Hottest Chicks in Metal” (2009) MTV2 Director of photography - Dr. Stan Dentistry Commercial (2009) Cable Commercial Camera Operator - Surfers Healing (2009) Discovery Health
Camera Operator - Workaholics (2009) Comedy Central Pilot Director of Photography- Catholic Comb Music Video (2008) Brite Antennae Assistant Camera - Harpers Island Web Series (2008) CBS, Dir. Tony Valenzuela Director of Photography- Potion Mixin Music Video (2009) Itunes Director of Photography- Straight out of Mordor Music Video (2009) Itunes Camera Operator - Crossbows and Mustaches (2008) Myspace.com Assistant Camera- Amp (2009) Myspace Music Camera Operator-The Great Outdoors (2009) No Fear Camera Operator- I Married A Stranger (2009) FOX

“Nightmare Nextdoor” (2010) Discovery Channel Levis Commercial (2009) William Rast – Fit Guide Harpers Island Web Series (2008) CBS, Dir. Tony Valenzuela Crossbows and Mustaches (2007) Myspace.com Dir. Kyle Newacheck 1080p24

Plane Jane (2010) VH1 Sports Science (2010) ESPN Kids Choice Awards (2009) Outlaw Laboratories Sports Science (2009) Discovery Channel Peoples Choice Awards (2009) Outlaw Laboratories Torche Music Video (2008) Brett Pawlack Smashing Pumpkins Music Video (2008) Brett Pawlack BoomKat Music Video (2008) Hannah Lux

Proficient in American Sign Language

SKILLS: Software: DVD Studio Pro 4, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Final Cut Pro 7, Compressor 4, Adobe Premiere Pro 2, Adobe After Effects 7, MPEG Stream Clip, Cleaner XL 6, Macromedia Dream weaver ,Macromedia Fireworks, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Ga- rageband, Pro tools HD, Cubase LE, Cakewalk Pro audio 9, Sonar XL Producers Edition, Adobe Encore 2.0 Pineapple Handbrake, Magic Bullet, Nattress
Canon: 5D MkII, 7d, 60d, all other SLR’s Panasonic: All HMC, DVX, HVX , and HPX Models, Also New P2 Vericam 2700 & 3200 Sony: All FX, Z, Beta, Digibeta, and EX Models, Also FW900 and F23 JVC: GY100u, GY110u, GY250, and 5000’s, Film: Arriflex SR Series, Bolex H-16’s Other: All Canon SLR’s and Nikon SLR’s Accessories: All filed Monitors (Calibration with bars), All 35mm Adapters (Redrock, SGpro, Brevis, and Letus35), Wireless Video Transmition (Starlink’s Titan’s), all Tripods, Doorway Dolly, Fischer 11 & 12, Peewee’s, Digiprimes, and all other video and film accessories.